Get ready to launch!


You need to finish your website...

You were so pumped and started on your site, but then life got in the way. Or you realized you're just not that tech-savvy, but now it's holding you back.

Never fear! Get ready to launch because I'm here to take care of your site so you can finally get going! Check out the exclusive services in my Website Completion package below...

Exclusive Services:

  • Free Consultation

  • Guided Content Questionnaire

  • Complete your Squarespace website per details discussed in consultation

  • Domain Transfer (if applicable)

  • Optimize Website for Desktop and Mobile

  • Up to 2 site edits

  • Squarespace Walkthrough & Site Transition

  • Your site ready to launch within 15 days

  • Please Note: If you are converting from another website, there will be an additional cost to utilize the Squarespace platform

Starting at $250.00*

(dependent upon consultation)

*Price does not include the cost of utilizing the Squarespace platform. You can find platform pricing here.