Questions & Answers

What is the process for working with The Aurora Creative?

  • After you select the service(s) that you're interested in and filling out the contact form, we will schedule a date and time for your initial consultation. After discussing your needs and your preferred launch date, we will schedule our time accordingly and get started. You will fill out a Creative Brief followed by a Contract, then you will send me all content and I take it from there! Because we will only be working together for 15 days, you are expected to respond within 24-48 hours so there is no delay in getting your site launched.  

Do i have to do anything?

  • Before we begin our 15 day session together, you are expected to prepare all content (copy, photos, audit checklists and anything else mentioned in the Proposal and Contract Documents) before we begin. This is crucial for us to hit our target launch date.

Does your price include the price of the Squarespace platform?

  • No. The price that you see listed on the site excludes the cost to start or convert to the platform. If you already have an existing website/domain with Squarespace, then this is not an added cost you need to worry about. If you just have an account but have not purchased a site/domain then this will be an additional cost. You can find out more about Squarespace's pricing structure here.

do you offer seo?

  • The beauty of the Squarespace platform is that SEO is actually optimized in its websites - so when the site is complete it will already be included. I will input tags throughout your site to boost its rankings, and ensure keywords are found on search engines but it will take a few weeks for your site to work its way up search engine results. But eventually it will appear towards the top of the search engine which is where you want it!

what is the correction-focus checklist for site audit?

  • The Correction-Focus checklist is a checklist of items you would like me to take a look at and either fix, revamp, or focus on on your site. If you select the Site Audit option, you are allowed up to 3 checklists during our 15 day period.

What is the difference between Site Audit and Site Completion?

  • The Site Audit service is a review done on an already completed, existing site. Site Completion is the completion of a website that was started but not finished.