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Here are some additional services I offer

Speedy Delivery: Website Complete in 1 Week +$350

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Website Maintenance

Month-to-Month: $150/Month

3-Month Retainer: $375 ($125 due 1st of each month)

My deliverables:

Add/update content on a weekly basis*

Trouble-shoot any site issues

Month-to-Month: 2 additional email campaigns

3 Month: Up to 7 additional email campaigns over 3 months

Your deliverables: Checklist of items and content to be updated sent by 8pm Sunday of each week as necessary

*includes but not limited to: minor corrections, updating photos, copy, documents

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Complete GDPR Compliance


($120 annual subscription for unlimited policies, edits and customization, $30 service fee)

My Deliverables:

"PRO" Account setup on Termly.com

Implementation of Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on site

*This is a one-time cost; once a PRO account is created with termly, their services can be used across unlimited business

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MailChimp Set Up + 2 Email Campaigns* $100

Email campaigns are automated emails sent to a specific list at a specific time. This helps you stay in contact with your subscribers and continue to provide valuable content

My Deliverables:

MailChimp account

Up to 2 campaigns for subscribers/email list

Your Deliverables:

Copy/Content for campaigns

Email list addresses (if applicable)

*Additional Campaigns are $25/campaign

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Additional Pages $50/Page

My Deliverables:

Additional pages not discussed in initial contract

Your Deliverables:

All content for additional page(s)